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Service in Our Professions and Our Communities

As a public institution, TCNJ embraces our responsibility to address the needs of New Jersey’s citizens as well as those of local, national, and global communities. The mission of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences is to focus on promoting wellness and improving health through education, research, and outreach in both professional and community settings. Our efforts help to narrow inequities while also contributing to positive, systemic change in our health professions.

Deep Connections and Opportunities with Our Partners

TCNJ’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences has relationships with more than 50 local health organizations, empowering students and faculty to make meaningful contributions that impact the health and wellness of our local population. Through internships, fieldwork, research projects, and volunteer work, students have the opportunity to grow their networks, build experience, and begin their careers.

3 Ways We’re Making a Difference in NJ

  • Through our partnerships with health departments and health care systems:
    We deliver on-site programs, making resources accessible and affordable to health care professionals who seek career advancement to ensure better patient outcomes in the community.
  • In our service at local schools:
    We provide valuable professional resources to school districts while advancing health and wellness one child at a time. Our contributions range from the work of student teachers and interns to the design and delivery of innovative fitness and nutrition programs.
  • By emphasizing outreach in our communities:
    We encourage both curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Our students have helped staff clinics providing flu shots; volunteered childcare assistance in an alternative education program for teen mothers; and organized diaper drives, shoe drives, and community gardens, among other efforts.

Extending Our Global Reach

With health and wellness now recognized as a worldwide issue, we are extending our outreach to the global community. Collaborations with the Shanghai Sports Institute and the University of Europa Madrid, for example, allow for student exchange experiences. Several of our faculty members have international profiles, including a professor who advises the International Olympic Committee on youth athletic development and another who has created a global health course with a service component in Haiti and served with a national nursing delegation exploring the Cuban health care system.

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